• Health

    Zika outbreak: What you need to know

    The World Health Organization has declared that the Zika virus is a global health emergency. Zika has been linked to many babies being born with underdeveloped brains. Here are some facts about Zika that you should know. What are the symptoms of Zika? – Symptoms are rare and can include. Mild fever Conjunctivitis (red, sore…

  • Health & Fitness

    Tricks that will help you sleep better

    Sleep is something that people cannot live without facing the consequences of tiredness, irritability, lack of concentration and the higher chances of getting ill. Read below for tips on getting better sleep. Set a bed time – If you set the alarm to wake up, you can set the alarm to head to bed. Do…

  • Health & Fitness

    4 Weight-loss Myths You Need to Stop Believing

    Most people learn more about losing weight when they start living a healthier life. Here are some common myths about weight loss that you should be aware of if you are looking to lose weight. All calories are the same – Your body will metabolize different calories differently. For example, one calorie of protein will…

  • Medical

    5 Ways to Avoid A Winter Workout Rut

    Even fit people struggle to workout in winter, which is mainly due to the colder climate coupled with holiday festivities that change a person’s routine. Here are some tips to ensure you stay fit through the winter months. Embrace the cold – Facing the cold is a great way to enjoy winter and winter sports….

  • Health & Fitness

    Diet Soda Sweetener May Cause Weight Gain

    Aspartame is a common sugar substitute and is used in some prepared foods and drinks as a diet-friendly option for the health conscious. However, new research has emerged that diet sodas can have the opposite effect on weight loss and cause weight gain. This is mainly because researchers have identified that aspartame can make the…

  • Beauty

    What is a Spa Treatment?

    Spa treatments will offer a wide range of services that offer health and physical benefits to a client. If you are visiting a spa for a single treatment or a package that offers multiple treatments, here are some of the most popular treatments spas provide. Massages – Although there are many massage techniques that spas…

  • Health & Fitness

    Easy Ways to Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

    If you need at least 800mg or more of coffee or caffeine to get through your day, you may have a problem. Caffeine is associated with nervousness, anxiety, shakiness and poor sleep and therefore weaning yourself off caffeine can help you feel relaxed and calm. Here are a few ways to reduce your caffeine intake….

  • Health & Fitness

    5 Weight-Loss Pill Claims That You Should Not Believe

    Weight loss products can mislead customers into believing that they can achieve instant results in a short period. Most weight loss supplements will suggest that they can increase metabolism, reduce hunger and change your body. Here are some weight-loss pill claims that you should not believe. You can lose weight without dieting – Some supplements…

  • How to Find the Right Pair of Contact Lenses

    Summary: Finding the right pair of contacts that fit your personal lifestyle is just as important as getting the right prescription. Contact lenses come in various different styles. Whether they’re designed to correct astigmatism or serve as a basic vision correction tool, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are some tips to…