Create Abundance in Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona with Golden Touch


Meditating has become immensely fashionable in recent years, particularly among the wealthy and business owners. This may be due in part to the fact that life on Earth has become increasingly stressful. So many economic problems are now troubling everyone. The pandemic has made a huge difference in our lives.

These are just a few of the issues that cause people to be worried and stressed out. In addition, we all face personal obstacles such as financial and familial problems. But there are ways to escape these troubling times. And one of those is meditating. Though this is simple to learn, you can take advantage of the earth’s energy vortexes to make your meditation much more powerful.

These are all concepts that Zhang Xinyue of Golden Touch has written and taught about. Each year she welcomes people to join her at beautiful destinations like Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona. She teaches the proper way to meditate and helps her followers achieve a greater level of inner peace. But her teachings have also enabled people to create abundance in their lives.

Zhang Xinyue is the founder of Golden Touch, an organization that meets each year to learn about creating abundance. People are curious about how to connect to the cosmic energy in the universe. These are important topics to discuss and Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful place to gather.

Bell Rock is named for its bell-shaped towers. It’s a favorite destination for hikers and campers. But also, for those who meditate. Golden Touch and Zhang Xinyue both welcome those who are ready to go on an amazing journey of discovery in this fabulous locale.

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