“Letting Go” From Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue


Lessons from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue

“Letting Go”

Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue is a collection of teachings and words of wisdom for mind-body-spirit cultivation.

Teachings from this incredible book are wise and positive. Letting go is one of the teachings that are important to learn to open your life and welcome abundance. She encourages us to embrace spiritual growth. This is what brings success to our lives. Spiritual growth is needed to grow in all areas.

When our lives are busy and fast, filled with many people we begin to grow. Growing and flourishing come easily when we open our hearts. Accepting the teachings and following the philosophy that Create Abundance teaches us. There can be no growth when there is no letting go.

To be in a position to grow spiritually and create abundance we need to know when to let go of what is keeping us back. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what to let go of, but there are ways to learn when and how to let go.

Meditation is when we stop and breathe, and the answers become clear as to what we need to let go of. When we stop and look at our feelings and emotions through meditation it is easy to know what is not needed. Zhang Xinyue says we need to clear our hearts and fill them with positive energy. This helps you to grow and bring abundance and well-being into your life.

Zhang Xinyue, author of Create Abundance, wrote this book in 2012. It is highly successful and has been translated from Chinese into many languages. The premise of the book Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue is to promote, give meaning, and find a functional approach to the philosophical issues of life.

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