Ibogaine May Soon Be Legal in Colorado


Despite ibogaine’s effectiveness at stopping the neurochemical processes that lead to addiction, cravings, and withdrawal symptoms, it has been illegal in the United States for decades. Its status as a psychedelic drug and its potential for unwanted side effects if taken without medical supervision have given authorities pause. However, many Americans suffering from conditions such as addiction, depression, and PTSD could benefit from this revolutionary new treatment if it is legalized.

Fortunately, strides have been made to give citizens access to psychedelic plant-based medicine. Colorado is set to vote on a new proposition (Prop 122) that would legalize plant-based psychedelics such as psilocybin, psilocin, and ibogaine, classifying them as “natural medicine.” Additionally, it would decriminalize the growth, use, and transport of these substances for people over the age of 21. Advocates for natural medicine support this proposition because it could do a great deal to curb the state’s ongoing addiction and mental health crises. However, those who oppose the proposition cite concerns about children having full access to these substances.

If this legislation fails to pass, people interested in ibogaine for addiction or ibogaine for depression and other mental illnesses can still travel to an ibogaine clinic in Mexico, New Zealand, Brazil, or any other company where ibogaine is legal. Despite the substance’s legality, potential patients should still do their homework on which treatment center they wish to attend. Interested individuals should check if an ibogaine clinic is staffed with trained doctors and nurses who are well-versed in addiction medicine, such as Beond Ibogaine in Cancún. Beond is staffed by world-renowned experts in ibogaine and addiction medicine. Contact them today if you are interested in undergoing an ibogaine treatment.

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