How Braces Are Removed


Article by Remarkable Smiles.

Although every person is unique, braces typically last between one and three years. When the time comes to have the braces taken off, the patient could feel pain as the orthodontist removes the braces as your mouth is open for a while. Your jaw might get sore during the treatment.

Before cleaning the teeth to remove any glue, an orthodontist will remove orthodontic brackets, bands, and wires. An orthodontist will fit the patient for a retainer to conclude the process. After receiving braces, a retainer is a tool that keeps teeth in their new place.

Following the removal of the brace, people might need to wear a removable retainer for a predetermined amount of time, either all day or simply at night. There shouldn’t be any additional discomfort from the retainer.

Some retainers must be permanently glued to the teeth by an orthodontist, just like braces.

People frequently struggle to properly clean their teeth when using braces or retainers. Cavities and tooth decay can result from this issue, which can be uncomfortable. Cavities and tooth decay can be avoided by practicing proper oral hygiene, avoiding sticky, sugary meals, and keeping the mouth as clean as possible.

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