Do I Need REAL ID To Fly In 2019 And Does My Passport Count As A REAL ID


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Years ago, not many people knew what a REAL ID was, even though the REAL ID Act was first enacted in 2005, but now that the final phases of this Act are coming into effect more Americans are beginning to take notice. On January 22, 2018, one of the last phases took effect which stated that if you did not have a REAL ID when flying in a commercial plane you had to start showing an alternate form of ID as well in order to board your flight.

This second ID verification does not necessarily have to meet the REAL ID standards however, starting on October 1, 2020, this will change and a REAL ID of some form will need to be shown for even domestic flights in the U.S.. So, while you may not need it yet to fly in the States, it might be a wise idea to go ahead and get one now before that date.

A REAL ID can be any form of ID that meets the REAL ID Act laws and most passports, passport cards, military ID cards, as well as a few other options all meet these requirements. This means that there are a variety of places and ways to get a REAL ID and, if you are going out of the county and already have a passport, odds are that you have a REAL ID.

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