The Bagua Of Your Garden And How To Use It For Feng Shui


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If you are familiar with Feng Shui then you are also likely familiar with the term bagua. The bagua of your home or garden, simply put, is like a map of the different energies that are connected to the different parts of your life.

While in some ways the bagua aof the garden can be thought of as an extension of that of your home, a garden has its own unique bagua that must be used when designing a Feng Shui garden.

That being said, if you have certain elements which you simply cannot get to work inside your home, then you have the option of placing these Feng Shui elements outside. This can really help boost the good energy of your house.

The nine bagua sectors in a garden are: career in the north section, knowledge in the northeast, family in the east, wealth in the southeast, fame in the south, relationships in the southwest, children in the west, friends in the northwest, and T’ai Chi which represents your overall health and wellbeing and is in the center of your garden.

Each of these life sectors has certain elements, colors, and even themes that fit best with them to get the best flow of chi possible. For example, to enhance the chi needed for a good marriage place paired items of an appropriate element in the family life sector. A pair of wicker chairs being from the wood element would be an excellent fit for this, or something else that is wooden that can be paired.

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