Benefits of Dark Mode


Whether you work at a corporate job or you freelance from the comfort of your home, there are benefits to using dark mode in your favorite apps.

Less Eye Strain

A great reason to use dark mode is the fact that it places less strain on your eyes. Even if you have air optix contacts viewing black text on a white background can be intense on the eyes. The glow of the white background can be a lot for your eyes to take in over a long period of time. The amount of the screen that is white usually outweighs the amount of the screen that is black, which can be overwhelming. Exposing your eyes to this throughout the course of the day can make them feel tired, sensitive, and dry. Switching to white text on a dark background can make your eyes feel much more comfortable.

Better Battery Life

Whatever it is you are doing on your device, whether that be browsing or writing a draft of a document, your device has to process the information and present it in a way that you can understand. Devices with AMOLED screens do not have backlights and turn off pixels when not in use. As such, dark mode can help these screens save battery life.

It is important to note that not all devices have this technology. Most computers have LCD screens, which means that although you will still have access to dark mode in your apps, the pixels will not turn off entirely.

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