Does Whey Protein work for Weight Loss?


Even though whey Protein is hailed as the perfect form of nutrition for bodybuilders or endurance athletes, it’s also good for those who would like to reduce weight by dropping fat from their body.

By its very design, protein, in whatever form, is excellent for tissue building and repair. But as always, with numerous fitness products, the question remains: Is whey protein all that it is made out to be?

The answer to that question is usually in the affirmative when you talk to someone who is a professional bodybuilder or athlete.

Whey protein, according to research, is considered to be the mother of all proteins for the very fact that it is a source of complete protein that the body needs.

Yet the irony was that it was considered a by-product (read as: waste) when cheese was being manufactured until this property of being one of the purest sources of protein was discovered recently – and instantly, propelled it to ‘superfood’ status.

Most popular diets emphasize a key principle if one wants lose weight, and that is to reduce carbohydrate intake while increasing protein intake every day, especially at breakfast.

As for those who work out and have to make a living doing so, muscle growth and repair, that occurs due to strenuous workouts, have been known to be aided by whey protein.

So it should be difficult to imagine the positive impact that it can have on those who are not necessarily endurance athletes or professional bodybuilders.

Yet there’s one more thing to keep in mind: spend some time working out too to allow for whey protein to work its magic.

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