Is an assisted living facility the right choice for you?


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Are you an active individual or couple that can manage on your own but might need occasional help? Then consider the possibility of moving to an assisted living facility Pasadena. Here are some facts that might help you decide

Medical care

Senior assisted living Burbank facilities always have doctors and nurses on call for any medical assistance, queries, or emergencies. It provides peace of mind for the residents, but also for their families. Medical attention is just a phone call and minutes away.


The details differ from place to place but often such facilities have either small apartments or housing units with bathrooms and sometimes kitchenettes. There is also assistance in terms of cooking, cleaning, and even for medication management. The goal is to have everything taken care of.


Further to the above, the seniors will also get meals, a housekeeping service, laundry, and most importantly security. Many of these services are available around the clock at senior housing Pasadena.


One of the foundations of assisted living facilities are the activities. As we age, we need to continue to be active, to prevent physical and cognitive decline. Most facilities will have movie nights, general entertainment, book clubs, sports, and other activities that will keep the residents entertained and active.

Glen Terra Senior Assisted Living is a highly acclaimed assisted living facility in Glendale, CA available to all clients seeking an assisted living facility in Los Angeles County. Their dedicated, friendly staff, affordable wellness program, and spacious, clean living areas will help enrich and cultivate senior residents’ quality of life.

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