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5 Ways to make the most of your weekend


If your so excited on Friday afternoons but soon feel the Monday blues when Sunday roles along, read the simple tips below, to make your weekends a lot more fun and productive.

Get your chores out of the way – Look at doing a little bit of laundry and cleaning during the week. For example, you could wake up half an hour earlier and put a wash on before you head off to work or look at cleaning and changing your linen. When your chores are tackled during the week, you have a lot more time on the weekend to relax.

Take a break from technology – Social media can be a tempting indulgence on the weekend and take up as long as two hours of your time. Instead of checking out what everyone else is doing, make plans with friends and family on the weekend.

Plan something fun – Instead of deciding what you should do on the weekend, plan your weekend during the week so that you have something to look forward to after a long work week.

Enjoy the hours you have – Sleeping in on a Sunday, will mean that you lose most of the day. Instead, opt to wake up at your usual hour and enjoy a long Sunday of fun.

Prepare for Monday on Friday – If you tend to put off work tasks on Friday for Monday, you may be less motivated to head to work on Monday. Instead look at finishing off as much as you can on Friday, so that your Mondays are relaxed and well-paced.


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