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Short and Long-Term Skincare Solutions


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Unfortunately, skin care is really both a sprint and a marathon. The long-term marathon habits gives us the good grounding we need to encourage and maintain youthful-looking skin, while the short-term solutions help us cope with problems that pop up. Here’s a look at both types.

These come down to:

  • Using plenty of sunscreen applied twice a day or more—in this case, more is more, not less
  • Never using plain soap to clean the skin—always use a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil no more than twice a day
  • Moisturize according to your skin type: hyaluronic acid-based if you have oily skin, glycerin-based with ceramides if you have dry skin, both types with combination skin so you treat the T-zone with a product built for oily skin and the rest of your face with a creamy moisturizer for dry skin (this is a general suggestion since the T-zone tends to be oilier in most people, but adjust according your own skin situation)
  • Use a serum with antioxidants like vitamin E and C to help your skin regenerate


These include:

Blitzing blackheads: Get them treated by your dermatologist or use a comedone extractor if you learn from a dermatologist or experienced professional

Over-exfoliation: Take a break for 1 week and then use a creamy hyaluronic acid moisturizer to get back the hydration you need in a balanced away

Zit picking: Stop that habit for good plus get some Clearsil Ultra Rapid Action Vanishing Treatment Cream and moisturize the area

Pillow Lines: If you wake up with these,  try satin or silk pillowcases, plus try to get used to sleeping on your back.

Wrinkles: While there are some good creams to help, you can get faster, deeper results with dermal fillers at your dermatologist’s office; Botox is another option but with a different purpose, usually the crows’ feet around the eyes or forehead winkles

Age spots: A Vitamin C cream can help fade them fast or you can opt for a chemical peel from your dermatologist

Dark circles: Caffeine-based products can constrict blood vessels to minimize them, or you can go with a pulsed deye laser administered by your dermatologist


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