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Diet Soda Sweetener May Cause Weight Gain


Aspartame is a common sugar substitute and is used in some prepared foods and drinks as a diet-friendly option for the health conscious. However, new research has emerged that diet sodas can have the opposite effect on weight loss and cause weight gain.

This is mainly because researchers have identified that aspartame can make the body feel hungrier and lead you to consume more calories. These studies have been undertaken on mice and have shown that unlike sugar, sweeteners have caused mice to gain weight.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have decided to investigate why aspartame causes weight gain. Their research was published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. The journal stated that the reason for the weight gain was due to aspartame’s metabolites.

The team used four sets of mice and fed two groups with a normal diet with drinking water with aspartame, the other group receiving plain water. The other two groups received a high-fat diet, on receiving water with aspartame and the other received normal water.

After 18 weeks, the mice who were on a normal diet had no significant difference between their weight. However, the mice on a high-fat diet who received aspartame gained more weight than those who were on a high-fat diet and water.

This would conclude that subjects trying to lose weight should avoid consuming Aspartame drinks and instead choose to drink beverages such as water, diluted juices instead.


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