5 Ways to Avoid A Winter Workout Rut


Even fit people struggle to workout in winter, which is mainly due to the colder climate coupled with holiday festivities that change a person’s routine. Here are some tips to ensure you stay fit through the winter months.

Embrace the cold – Facing the cold is a great way to enjoy winter and winter sports. Look trying downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating or just head out for a run. Often once you are 15 minutes into your workout, you will find that you will forget the cold and have a great workout.

New gear – You will need winter workout gear to keep you warm when working outside. Invest in some good quality thermal gear like leggings, gloves, and a tight, sleek sweater to keep you warm and dry during your workout.

Take things slow – During the end of the year, you may have tight work deadlines, vacations, and holiday commitments. Look at getting in at least two workouts a week and when you have time look at increasing the time you spend on each workout.

Set a big goal – Set one big goal for the winter months to help you keep on track and give you direction. Your goals could be to lose 5 lbs., do 20 pull-ups straight or run a 5km. Remember to make your goal quantifiable, so that you can measure your success and stay motivated.

A workout buddy – A workout buddy can push you to increase your level of effort into your training sessions. Someone with similar goals is an even better fit as you both can lean on each other when you need encouragement.


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