3 tricks to make health and fitness a priority


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The fittest people naturally love exercise and therefore are able to maintain their health well into old age. Research suggests that exercise which increases physical and mental health, can improve the quality of life. Exercise has also been linked to slowing the aging and degradation of cells. However, most people still find it difficult to add exercise into their daily routine. Here are 3 tricks to stay motivated and committed to your training.

Make it Fun – Most people will be consistent with tasks that they enjoy and underperform in tasks that they do not like. Look for activities that you may seem interested in. Start with trying a number of classes or sports and see what you like best. If you’re lucky, you may like a number of activities, which will give you more variety and keep your interest.

Goals: If you have a set goal, you will have a better idea of how to achieve them. Fitness goals don’t have to start off as huge goals, but it should be a goal that presently seems beyond your reach. Your goal will give you something to work towards and give you a sense of accomplishment once it’s achieved.

Accountability – To give you guidance and accountability it is advisable to seek out a trainer or a coach. At the start, a face to face coach/ trainer is advisable, as it provides that one-on-one guidance that is needed to make you stay motivated and accountable.

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