Habits that can wreck your teeth


Most people don’t take much care of their teeth, until they are forced to visit a dentist. Researchers say that 24% of US adults over 65 loose their teeth. To ensure that your pearly whites are in good shape, avoid or reduce the intake of the foods/ habits below.

Sugar – Sugar is one of the worst enemies for your teeth. This is because, as you eat sugar, your mouth produces acid bacteria to break down the sugars. The acid eats away at your tooth enamel. The longer the sugar stays in your mouth, the more damage it will do. Avoid sticky candies and dried fruit. These can get lodged in tooth crevices and cause decay.

Beverages – Sodas and juices with or without sugar, is harmful for your teeth. When you drink beverages such as these, they bathe your teeth with acid.

Alcohol – Alcohol does two things, it creates an acidic environment and reduces saliva production. Saliva helps to reduce plaque and bacteria from teeth’s surface.

Smoking – Smokers should understand that their habit is not only affecting their lungs, but also their teeth. Nicotine will yellow your teeth and cause oral cancer. If you chew tobacco, you are at higher risk, since the carcinogens directly reach your gums.

Medication – Over the counter drugs, may be relatively mild, but they can cause dry mouth. Once your saliva production is reduced, you are at greater risk of cavities.

Sports – Contact sports can damage your teeth. Speak to your dentist and get a custom mouth guard for maximum protection and comfort.

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