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5 Weight-Loss Pill Claims That You Should Not Believe


Weight loss products can mislead customers into believing that they can achieve instant results in a short period. Most weight loss supplements will suggest that they can increase metabolism, reduce hunger and change your body. Here are some weight-loss pill claims that you should not believe.

You can lose weight without dieting – Some supplements will suggest that you can simply take their pills and melt fat. However, reducing your weight cannot be done without making changes to how you eat.

You don’t need to exercise – Although most diet pills will state that you do not need to exercise to lose weight, this is not true, if you are looking at changing the shape and composition of your body. Although diet changes will make the most difference, adding exercise to your weight loss plan will fasten your weight loss and help you create a better, healthier body.

You can increase your metabolism – Although weight-loss pill manufacturers claim that certain ingredients in their diet pills can speed up a person’s metabolism, there is no scientific proof that supports this promise.

You will feel fuller – Supplements cannot make you feel fuller as they don’t contain ingredients like protein and fiber that have the ability to make you less hungry. Look at adding proteins like chicken, eggs, fish and red meat to your diet. Healthy foods with fiber like oats, whole meal bread and grains are also a good addition to reduce hunger pangs.

Change your body composition – There is very little research that suggests that shifting nutrients or suppressing hormones can cause changes in your body’s composition. Instead look at adding weights to your exercise routine to firm and tone problem areas.


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