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4 Back pain signs you shouldn’t ignore


Most of us spend our days hunched over a computer and are familiar with pack ache. Ignoring your back pain will not make it any better, and you may soon find yourself having to deal with permanent damage. Here are a few signs you should not ignore.

Back pain paired with leg pain – If you have pain that starts from your back and goes all the way past your bum down your leg, you could have nerve root irritation. Although most people’s pain will go away; there is a chance that this sort of pain can lead to numbness and tingling, if left unchecked. Usually, this sort of pain is treated with massages and physical therapy.

Back pain paired with limping – If you feel that one side of your leg is weak and find yourself limping, you should visit a doctor at your earliest. You could be experiencing nerve damage and weakening of the muscle tissue.

Back pain with balance problems – As women age, they can develop osteoporosis-related fractures. Fractures due to bone decay will cause imbalances in walking and will require the help of physical therapists to reduce these imbalances.

Back pain with bowel issues – If you experience bowel/ bladder incontinence and groin numbness, you could have cauda equina syndrome. This rare condition puts pressure on the nerves at the base of the spinal cord and pelvic organs. Speak to your doctor immediately, as this condition will require immediate surgery.

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